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Situated by the Jura hills and within easy access of Zurich, Basel and Lucerne, Aarau is a charming place to visit for both native Swiss holidaymakers and foreign tourists. Given that it was the first capital of Switzerland and home to the first Houses of Parliament, it is easy to see why. Aarau is easy to negotiate from any of the larger towns and cities through some delightful scenery – perfect for driving. Close by, other small historic towns include Bremgarten and Zofingen.

The town itself has a quaint and lazy charm, exuded most in the architecture with the pretty painted eaves, or ‘Dachhimmel’, making this a picture perfect place to stay on your driving holiday. Tourists might want to explore the Aargau Art Museum, which features a variety of Swiss artists and was designed by Herzog and de Meuron. Other highlights include the Roggenhausen Wildlife Park, which is great for those with families.
As walking and cycling are particularly popular in the area, taking a tour around on a bike is one of the best ways to explore Aarau, as well as the Canton of Aargau which includes the Lenzburg Castle and Hallwyl Water Castle. Also be sure to explore the internationally known Habsburg Castle.