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Buchs is a small town that neighbours Werdenberg, and has a strong cultural heritage as well as modern facilities that make it a great stop for either a weekend or a longer stay. Well linked by road to places such as Liechtenstein, its international flair is a joy to be a part of. Colourful townhouses dot the streets, including the Haus Schlange, which is home to a regional museum. The Grafen Castle also dominates the landscape, an inviting landmark to hike or drive to. Now a museum, it was traditionally a home for members of the state and affords some gorgeous views of the Rhine Valley.

Around Buchs, the opportunities for exploring on foot are almost endless. Nearby, recommendations for visitors include hiking, skating and cycling along some six hundred kilometres of trails. At Rietli and Buchs, it is possible to observe some fantastic wildlife and a wide variety of birds inside a huge nature facility. The close by Gonzen iron mine also offers a fascinating insight into traditional Swiss crafting methods and amenities. From Buchs, you are well positioned to explore other areas of the Swiss countryside. These include the principality of Liechtenstein and Austria. A great place to explore the diversity of a wonderful country.