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Chur is known for being Switzerland's oldest city, but it still maintains a thoroughly modern outlook that is evident in its buzzing cultural scene of which the bars, clubs, museums and shops make it an ideal destination for weekend visits and introductions to the wider Swiss countryside. From these modern amenities to the old town, Chur is a multi-faceted place to visit.

Celtic and Roman genealogy influence the country, and it has historically been an important trade route for the Swiss. With its five thousand year history, there is plenty to explore. Around the city, the Brambruesch and Grison mountain ranges provide for an array of attractions during both the summer and winter months. Here, you can try snowboarding and skiing with the luxury of a modern city close by. Hiring a car is a boon in the region and will certainly help you to negotiate the area with ease. Other highlights include the Rhaetian Railway, a UNESCO world heritage site. Be sure to make time to enjoy some of the great examples of Swiss cuisine Chur also has to offer.