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Geneva balexert

A small town within easy access of Geneva, tourists come to Balexert primarily for the fantastic scenery that surrounds it and its close proximity to Geneva proper. Well maintained with a variety of amenities, the location close to the Lakes is the primary focus for those travelling. From here, you can easily start a longer term tour of the country. It is also the ideal spot to start some hiking and walking tours of the majestic Swiss scenery. Other diversions include swimming, boating and kayaking.

From Balexert, Geneva is an easy drive along well-maintained roads. There, you will find an abundance of attractions ranging from the cultural – such as St. Peter’s Cathedral as well as the shopping Promenade as well as the United Nations Building. Why not take a boat around the lake or tour the botanical gardens and the Mon Repos, Lausanne, Les Dibrelets. From snow-shoe walking to ice fall climbing there are plenty of exhilarating challenges on offer. And as the cross-country ski trails are illuminated at night you can extend your ski quest until late in the evening.

One of the resort highlights is the unforgettable experience of dog sledding. The flat constitutes perfect conditions for being pulled along at exhilarating speeds by a team of huskies whilst you sit back and enjoy views of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.