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The Italian speaking town of Mendrisio is located in Switzerland south of Lugano and is home to a number of important Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance. It is also the seat of the Accademia de Architettura of the University of Italian Speaking Switzerland, or USI. The town of Mendrisio has existed since at least the late 7th century and boasts several graves and tombs that date back to the Roman Republic. In addition, three churches of historical significance can be found here, including the Church of S. Martino, the complex of S. Giovanni and the Church of S. Sisinio alla Torre. In Italian, Mendrisio is often referred to as il magnifico borgo, which means “the magnificent town,” due to its fabulous and well-preserved historic buildings. In particular, be sure to visit the Croci House, the Dei Pagani Tre Buchi House, the Palazzo Pollini, Palazzo Torriani, Villa Argentina and Villa S. Maria in nearby Borgo, which also boasts a variety of stunning murals