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The small town of Pratteln lies in north-central Switzerland, northwest of Lucerne. Inhabited since the Middle Ages, today Pratteln has become a popular tourist destination, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty. In fact, the entire village has been named a Swiss Heritage Site of National Significance, so consider reserving a rental car to provide transportation during your stay here. Pratteln has an industrial past, as evidenced by the old drilling towers of the Rhine salt works, while the earliest proof of human life in Switzerland was found nearby in the form of a 100,000 year-old hand axe. A suburb of Basel, the town is also situated close to Celtic burial mounds, ancient Roman villas and other historical attractions, as well as a parish church that dates back to 1250 CE. Pratteln is set up in a star-like pattern, with streets and alleys radiating out from the historic town center. Also of note, the Bürgerhaus – a 16th century farm house – is home to the village museum