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Situated near Zurich, the city of Uster is one of the largest in Switzerland, with more than 30,000 residents at last count. Its position between Lake Greifensee and Lake Pfaeffikersee has made Uster a popular tourist destination during modern times, and the city received the Wakker Prize in 2001 from the Swiss Heritage Society for its significant efforts at historic preservation and at maintaining a close association with the Swiss Agglomeration around the city of Zurich. Uster has worked hard to integrate the old with the new and to develop complementary architectural styles that do not detract from its rich cultural heritage.

In order to fully experience all that this fantastic region has to offer, consider reserving a rental car for your visit. Inhabited since the 7th century, Uster is predominantly German speaking today and is also a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts, thanks to its scenic natural beauty. In addition, horseback riding, boating and golf are favorite fair weather pastimes